Why did we choose our own brand with our own online shop?

Wieso haben wir uns für unsere eigene Marke mit  eigenem OnlineShop entschieden?
As passionate dog lovers and owners of a great pack, we decided some time ago to start our own brand with our own online shop for dog accessories. In this blog post we would like to share our personal story and explain why we took this step.

The love of dogs:
I have been fascinated by dogs since I was a child and have developed a deep love and connection with them. The joy they bring into our lives is incomparable. The idea of ​​starting an online shop for dog accessories came from my passion for dogs and the desire to help other dog owners keep their four-legged friends happy and healthy.
Dog owner needs:
As dog owners/multi-dog owners, we have experienced ourselves how important it is to find high-quality and suitable accessories for our dogs. From collars and leashes to toys and food to care products - the selection is huge. We wanted to create a place where dog owners can find everything they need for their beloved four-legged friends and help them make the right decisions.
  • Convenience and Choices:
In our hectic world, convenience is an important factor when shopping. An online shop offers the opportunity to shop from the comfort of your own home without having to leave the house. In addition, as an online shop operator, we can offer a large selection of products that are often not available in conventional stores. This means dog owners can find exactly what they are looking for and pamper their four-legged friends with high-quality accessories.
  • Expertise and trust:
Through our online shop for dog accessories we would like to position ourselves as experts in this area. We have invested a lot of time and energy into expanding our knowledge of dogs and their needs. We want to use this knowledge to offer our customers the best possible advice and support. Through high-quality products and excellent customer service, we strive to earn the trust of our customers and build long-term relationships.
  • Growth potential:

The market for dog accessories is constantly growing as more and more people keep dogs as pets. This offers great potential for the growth of our online shop. We want to continually expand our business, introduce new products and expand our customer base. An online shop allows us to be flexible and respond to the needs of the market.

Starting our own online dog accessories store was a decision born out of our love for dogs and the desire to help other dog owners. By providing high-quality products, excellent customer service and our expertise, we aim to create a place where dog owners can find everything they need for their four-legged friends. Our online shop offers us the opportunity to transform our passion into a successful business and exploit the growth potential of the dog accessories market.

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