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Glücklicher Hund- aber wie?

Happy dog ​​- but how?

Dogs are wonderful companions and can bring us a lot of joy and happiness. But how can we ensure our dogs themselves are happy? Here are some tips on how to keep your dog happy: Sufficient exerc...

Richtige Welpensozialisierung

Proper puppy socialization

Socializing a puppy is an important step in its development. Good socialization enables the puppy to move safely and confidently in its environment and to develop positive relationships with people...

Woran erkennt man einen guten Züchter ?

How do you recognize a good breeder?

A good breeder is someone who is passionate and dedicated to breeding animals. Whether it's dogs, cats, horses or other animals, there are certain characteristics that can be used to identify a goo...

Nachhaltigkeit bei Hundezubehör

Sustainability in dog accessories

Sustainability in dog accessories: How we can do something good for our four-legged friends and the environment Our dogs are not only our best friends, but also an important part of our family. We ...

Wieso ist Hundepflege wichtig ?

Why is dog care important?

Dog grooming is an important aspect of dog ownership that is often neglected. Many dog ​​owners think that feeding and walking their dog regularly is enough. But caring for your dog goes far beyond...

Leckerlis ? Ja- aber nicht Grenzenlos

Treats ? Yes - but not limitless

The question of how many treats a dog can have per day is an important but often neglected question. Many dog ​​owners tend to give their four-legged friends too many treats without realizing the i...