Why is dog care important?

Wieso ist Hundepflege wichtig ?
Dog grooming is an important aspect of dog ownership that is often neglected. Many dog ​​owners think that feeding and walking their dog regularly is enough. But caring for your dog goes far beyond that and is essential for the animal's well-being and health.
  • Regular dog care includes, among other things, brushing the coat. This is important not only to keep the coat looking clean and well-groomed, but also to avoid mats and knots. Matted fur can cause skin irritation and even lead to infection. Brushing the fur can also help detect and remove parasites such as fleas and ticks at an early stage.

  • Regular ear cleaning is also an important part of dog care. Dogs often have sensitive ears that are prone to infections. Cleaning your ears can remove excess wax and dirt, reducing the risk of infections.

  • Dental care is also an important aspect of dog care. Many dogs suffer from dental problems such as tartar and gum disease. Brushing your teeth regularly can prevent tartar buildup and minimize the risk of dental problems. Good dental care also ensures fresh breath and healthy teeth.

  • Caring for the claws is also important. Claws that are too long can cause pain when walking and lead to misalignment of the paws. Regular trimming of the claws is therefore necessary to prevent the dog from pain and problems when walking.

  • In addition to external care, regular veterinary examinations are also an important part of dog care. Through regular examinations, the veterinarian can identify and treat possible health problems at an early stage. Vaccinations and worming treatments are also carried out to protect the dog from diseases.

Overall, dog care is an important aspect of dog ownership that should not be neglected. Regular dog care contributes to the animal's well-being and health and can detect and treat possible health problems at an early stage.

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