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Dog bowls are important in providing the dog with adequate and hygienic food and water. They should be made of sturdy material such as stainless steel or ceramic to ensure easy cleaning and durability. The size of the dog bowl should be adapted to the dog's food needs in order to ensure a balanced diet. It is also advisable to use separate bowls for food and water to avoid contamination. Cleaning dog bowls regularly ensures hygiene and minimizes the risk of bacterial growth and disease.


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Licking and searching mat FlyLicking and searching mat Fly
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Double-walled metal bowl SmillaDouble-walled metal bowl Smilla
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Lucky Hearts Melaminnapf CloéLucky Hearts Melaminnapf Cloé
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Anti-sling bowl Willi Anti-sling bowl Willi
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Ceramic bowl JohnCeramic bowl John
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Ceramic bowl John with metal frameCeramic bowl John with metal frame
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Ceramic bowl John with bamboo frameCeramic bowl John with bamboo frame
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Lucky Hearts Backmatte BayLucky Hearts Backmatte Bay
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Lucky Hearts faltbarer Reisenapf to GOLucky Hearts faltbarer Reisenapf to GO
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Schleckmatte Nora
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