Care & Hygiene

Dog grooming with the right tools includes regular cleaning and care of a dog's coat, skin and claws. This involves using special tools such as brushes, combs and scissors to detangle the fur, remove dead hair and prevent matting. Choosing the right soap is also important so as not to irritate or dry out the dog's skin. Regular grooming will keep the dog's coat clean, shiny and healthy.

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biodegradable poop bagsbiodegradable poop bags
Sale price4,99€
Premium dog brush "Undercoat Away"Premium dog brush "Undercoat Away"
Premium dog brush “Can do everything”Premium dog brush “Can do everything”
Natural dog soap "undercoat away"Natural dog soap "undercoat away"
Premium claw pliers with wooden handlePremium claw pliers with wooden handle
Natural dog soap “can do everything”
Natural dog soap “Sensitive”Natural dog soap “Sensitive”
FellSchneider scissors setFellSchneider scissors set
Sale price39,99€
Fell-Spray mit Seidenproteinen
Tick ​​tweezersTick ​​tweezers
Sale price13,49€
Save 7%
Augen Pflege- und ReinigungspadsAugen Pflege- und Reinigungspads
Sale price13,49€ Regular price14,49€
Save 11%
Ohren Pflege- und ReinigungspadsOhren Pflege- und Reinigungspads
Sale price12,49€ Regular price13,99€