Sleep & rest

Sleep is just as important for dogs as it is for people. During sleep, the dog's body recovers, its muscles relax and its immune system is strengthened. The dog also processes its experiences and impressions of the day while sleeping. Adequate and undisturbed sleep is therefore essential for the dog's health and well-being. Lack of sleep can lead to fatigue, irritability and a weakened immune system. It is therefore important to provide the dog with a quiet and comfortable place to sleep and to give him enough time to rest and sleep.


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Komfortables Hundekissen Milou Gelb view 2Komfortables Hundekissen Milou Gelb view 1
Sale priceFrom 35,99€
Dog bed SweetDREAMS - 60 cmDog bed SweetDREAMS - 60 cm
Sale price40,99€
modern rattan bed Liselottemodern rattan bed Liselotte
Sale priceFrom 34,99€
Lucky Hearts Hundetasche FalcoLucky Hearts Hundetasche Falco
Sale price39,99€
Dog bed SweetDREAMS - 50 cmDog bed SweetDREAMS - 50 cm
Sale price35,99€
Hundebett  SweetDREAMS - 90 cmHundebett  SweetDREAMS - 90 cm
Sale price64,99€
Dog bed SweetDREAMS - 40 cmDog bed SweetDREAMS - 40 cm
Sale price30,99€
Hundebett  SweetDREAMS - 70 cmHundebett  SweetDREAMS - 70 cm
Sale price49,99€
Hundebett  SweetDREAMS - 100 cmHundebett  SweetDREAMS - 100 cm
Sale price70,99€