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  • Natural chewing fun with coffee wood chewing sticks: Our Lucky Hearts coffee wood chewing sticks offer natural chewing fun and are particularly hard, which ensures long-lasting activity. At the same time, they can remove plaque and help prevent tartar.
  • 100% natural and calorie-free: Our chewing sticks are 100% natural and contain no animal or chemical ingredients. They are calorie-free, suitable for allergy sufferers and a healthy alternative to chewing snacks containing meat and sugar.
  • Sustainability and uniqueness: We attach great importance to sustainability, which is why our coffee wood chewing sticks are unique. They differ in appearance, weight and shape depending on their size.
  • Environmentally friendly origin: The coffee wood chewing sticks are obtained as part of coffee cultivation in Vietnam, through the care of the plantations and the annual pruning of the plants.
  • Safe and shatterproof: The coffee woods are rounded at the ends, debarked and splinter-free to avoid injuries.
  • Supervision recommended: However, don't leave your pet unattended with the chew. Coffee sticks that have been chewed too small should be thrown away if necessary.

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